When research turns an idea into fact

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

Published in the February 28, 2014 Santa Maria Times. The Flood,” a student insisted, “is what killed off the dinosaurs. They lived alongside Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden 6,000 years ago, when Earth was created. Evolution is only a theory.” She was a member of one of my English 101 classes at Allan Hancock College, and she was not the first or the last student I have encountered who holds similar beliefs. “Evolution is only a...

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Pregnancy Leave

Posted on Feb 26, 2014

Read the State of California, Department of Fair Employment & Housing, pamphlet regarding pregnancy leave.

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CFT Salary Study Shows AHC Gains

Posted on Feb 11, 2014

A new study by the CFT of Community College part-time faculty salaries shows that at AHC we have made significant gains over the past ten years. Whereas we were always ranked near the bottom (usually around 62nd of 72) we are now ranked 50th overall if you have an MA at Column 1, Step 1, and 50th at your 5th year with an MA. We are now 37th if you are at your highest step without a PhD, and 33rd with a PhD. While we still have a long ways to go,...

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