Democrats organized, ready to resist

Posted on May 26, 2017

Published in the May 25, 2017 Santa Maria Times. Connie Ford, president of the Democratic Club of the Santa Maria Valley, has as one of her primary goals to educate local voters so they know who they are voting for. She is convinced, as are many others, that one of the reasons for Donald Trump’s victory last November was the fact many of those who voted for him did not know who he really was and what he stood for. “These are people who are...

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Mike Terman Retirement Party

Posted on May 15, 2017

On May 4, a retirement party was held for our former CFT representative, Mike Terman. The party was attended by several from the PFA—Mark Miller and his wife Carol, Dorran Nadeau and his wife Joan, and Danielle Blanchard—as well as Josh Pechthalt, Jeff Freitas, and numerous other folks from CFT. There were many tributes to Mike; he is a one-of-a-kind person, and everyone there knew that. We bid him a fond farewell. Mike Terman with Mark...

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Statement to Board of Trustees re John Miller

Posted on May 12, 2017

The following was read to the Board of Trustees on May 9, 2017: Having your case heard before a fair and impartial judge or jury is a basic human right. Violating that right is considered by most to be autocratic and dictatorial. John Miller’s case was heard before a fair and impartial arbitrator, who ruled in his favor. The Board of Trustees, at the behest of the president of the college, chose to retry the case and impose its own verdict....

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Mark Miller Testifies to Assembly Budget Subcommittee

Posted on May 4, 2017

Mark Miller testified to the Assembly Budget subcommittee, which was hearing testimony on Education Finance in the Community Colleges. Mark with Bryan Ha. He seems to know everyone in Sacramento and has more energy than a quasar! Mark with Chris Finarelli, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham’s Chief of Staff. Mark in Capital Rotunda after...

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Teachers are ready to organize, resist

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

Published in the April 27, 2017 Santa Maria Times. “Organize! Resist!” These were the watchwords of the 75th California Federation of Teachers Convention at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento. More than 500 delegates from more than 50 locals were in attendance. It was one of the most crowded CFT conventions in recent memory. Nearly every seat was taken and there were dozens of people sitting on the floor of the ballroom during the...

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