The following was read to the Board of Trustees on May 9, 2017:

Having your case heard before a fair and impartial judge or jury is a basic human right. Violating that right is considered by most to be autocratic and dictatorial.

John Miller’s case was heard before a fair and impartial arbitrator, who ruled in his favor. The Board of Trustees, at the behest of the president of the college, chose to retry the case and impose its own verdict. For anyone to assert that the Board of Trustees is fair and impartial in a matter such as this is as ludicrous as saying that gasoline will put out a fire. In a naked abuse of its power, the Board overturned the just verdict of the arbitrator and imposed an unjust ruling of its own. We thank Dan Hilker for having the courage to do what is right and vote against this travesty.

Soon after the Board took this action, the college president was overheard saying to the Academic Senate, “We don’t allow guns on campus!” in a terrible and cruel distortion of what actually happened, as if John Miller is some kind of gun toting monster.

John Miller in fact is a single parent, trying to raise his teenage daughter alone. He is a dedicated teacher and firefighter who receive excellent reviews during his more than ten year tenure at Hancock College. You took away his livelihood. You forced him to use up his savings. You forced him to use up his retirement. You forced him to take his daughter out of school here and then move in with relatives in Tennessee, because they had no place else to go. Must you now, after all this, continue to blacken his name in public? Have you not done enough to this man? Must you continue to berate him? When will you feel you have punished him adequately? What more do you want from him?

The PFA is dedicated to getting the truth of the John Miller case to the public. An awful miscarriage of justice has taken place, and the public has a right to know the truth of it.

The Executive Board of the Part-Time Faculty Association